Saturday, May 26, 2007

100 private channels working independently in pakistan

  • PTV 1
    PTV World
    PTV Global - For USA
    PTV National - Regional Programming Channel
    PTV Bolan - Balochi Language Channel
    AJK TV - Kashmiri Language Channel
    Virtual Television 1
    Virtual Television 2
    Virtual Television 3
    Virtual Television 4
    AAJ TV
    ARY Television Network
    ARY Digital Asia
    ARY Digital Mideast
    ARY Digital UK/Europe
    ARY Digital USA
    ARY One World - News Channel
    QTV - Islamic Channel
    The Musik
    ATV - Also available on Terrestrial Networks
    Business Plus
    Din News
    Dhoom TV
    DM Digital Network - A UK Based Pakistani Network
    DM Digital - For UK
    DM Digital World - For Middle East, Africa, Asia
    DM Islam TV - For UK, Middle East, Africa, Asia
    Eye Television Network
    Hum TV
    Masala TV - Food and Health channel
    Filmazia - Pakistani Movies Channel
    Geo Television Network
    Geo ME
    Geo UK
    Geo USA
    Geo News
    Geo Super - Sports Channel
    Aag International - UK
    Haq TV - Islamic Channel
    Indus Television Network
    Indus Vision Asia
    Indus Vision USA
    Indus Music USA
    Indus Plus
    Channel G - Music & Lifestyle
    Labbaik TV - Islamic Channel
    Metro One - Cable channel available only in Karachi
    Play - Music & Lifestyle channel
    Prime TV - UK & Europe
    Roshni TV (Currently Offair)
    Royal TV
    Rung TV
    Style Duniya - Fashion & Lifestyle Channel available only on cable networks
    Sun Entertainment
    TV 2 Day
    TV One
    Ujala TV - Educational Channel
    Sindh TV
    Kashish TV
    Apna Channel
    Punjab TV
    AVT Khyber
    Kook TV
    Waseb TV
    Aapna Des - UK based channel available in UK, Middle East, Africa and Asia
    PTV Panjnad - Punjabi language channel
    PTV Mehran - Sindhi language channel
    PTV Abaseen - Pashto language channel
    Music One - Part of TV One
    Indus Vision - UK/Europe Launching soon
    Indus Music - UK/Europe Launching soon
    AXN - Part of the ARY Digital Network
    Al Jazeera Urdu - Part of the ARY Digital Network
    ARY Bangla - Bengali Language Channel, Part of the ARY Digital Network
    DM Digital Music - For UK Part of DM Digital Network
    DM Sarhad TV - Pashto Language Channel For UK Part of DM Digital Network
    DM Kashmiri - Kashmiri Language Channel For UK Part of DM Digital Network
    Azad TV
    Express TV - by Express Media Network
    Waqt TV - by Nawawaqt Group of Publications.
    Dawn News - English language news channel by Dawn Group of Newspapers.
    Rohi TV - Siraiki Language channel
    Rung Music - Part of Rung Television Network
    Ajrak TV - Sindhi Language Channel
    Prime TV Pakistan - by Classic Entertainment (Pvt) Ltd.
    PTV Global - For UK Launching in March 2007
    STN/Channel 3
    ARY Digital India
    Mashriq TV
    Fortune TV
    Ravi TV
    UNI Plus
    The City Channel

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