Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sir Dr. Allama Iqbal (National Poet Of Pakistan)

Inspirational Poems

W i s h

O Allah! The practices of all these people are so tiresome,
That even within their midst I feel so lonesome.
The noise of the world urges me to run away
To a quiet place where silence begins and ends each day.
A place where movement will always yield to stillness,
And speech is completely awed by silence.
Sometimes I feel I am dying for this quietness;
To live in a hut near a mountain will be pure bliss.
The worries of the world burden me greatly, and from them I wish to part
Then I can live in solitude while the thorns of sadness leave my heart.
These birds who sit in the tree singing all day long…
Their chirping is beautiful and will be my song.
When I am in need of music I will listen to the waterfall's sound.
Harmony existing between the birds' song and the water rushing down.
The wine cup will be my view, the buds my messengers.
These two friends will inform me of any visitors.
With my hand for a pillow and grass for my bed,
I shall pass away the nights with good thoughts in my head.
This is the best way to live, among all this tranquil solitude.
It helps put to shame and open the eyes of the multitude.
The nightingale will know me so well that she will sit near,
Because she shall know that I would never cause her any fear.
On both sides of the river will be flowers gazing at their reflection,
In the cool, clear blue water, as it runs with perfection.
The mountain scenery just beyond the river will be beautifully exquisite,
That even the water will try to rise in waves just to see it.
In the lap of earth all greenery shall be at rest,
And the water will return among the bushes to glisten at its best.
Gazing at its reflection will be the bending branch of a tree,
Just as a maiden perches by a mirror, admiring her beauty.
When the sun puts henna on the evening bride, the flowers present a golden chest,
That the bride can take this along with her as a gift from all the rest.
When travelers get tired in the night and are looking for a place to stay,
Let my broken lamp provide hope for them to wander my way.
O Allah! Whenever the dark clouds are hovering in the sky,
Let lightning illuminate my hut so they wont pass it by.
The early dawn cuckoo is the caller of prayer, and I listen to her
Instead of the priest's sermons; I listen to the azaan coming from this bird.
When dew falls on the flowers as a ceremonious cleansing,
My tears will be my wudu and my prayer will be a blessing.
Let my voice depart from this place and touch the caravan of stars above me,
So it can ring a bell to signify we should all live peacefully.
O Allah! Let my cry make all those empathetic hearts ache,
And the ones who are unconscious or indifferent, awake.

Child And The Lamp

Oh little one! At the lamp you gaze,
Examining all of the ways,
The moths move about.
You stare and observe the flame spellbound.
Then in my lap you start to move around.
Are you trying to get closer to the light?
You become more and more perplexed,
You heart is baffled by these insects,
Trying to recognize this scene.
The fire the lamp holds is small,
You contain the biggest flame of all.
You are an undivided light.
How is it that the lamp's flame is revealed
While the one in you is concealed?
Nature has hidden it in the chandelier of clay.
The curtain of future your light hides,
And the dust covering the eye of the mind
Becomes the curtain of the future.
What we call life is nothing but negligence;
intoxication is unconsciousness.
Yet others declare life is but a dream.
If nature is what the eye wishes to see,
Then behold in every dropp the storm of beauty
Of a magnificent river-the world of nature.
Heavenly sights surround everyone;
Grace is in the glimmering rays of the sun
And in the evening dusk's quiet enchantment.
Elegance is in the flower's colors,
Majesty in ruins of past empires-
As in a child's constant struggle to speak.
Glory is in the morning bird's symphony,
When it constructs its nest completely
And in the sparkling fountains within the mountain.
Behold the splendor in the river flowing free,
In the wild, population, desert and city.
Beauty embraces us on every side.
For something the soul continues to burn.
Otherwise, why would it yearn?
It cries like a bell in a desert.
Beauty is in every statement in the world.
Then why is the soul not comfortable?
It's like a fish struggling outside the water.

M o t h e r's D r e a m

One night when I was sleeping I had a dream,
And it was a very strange dream too.
I think I might know as to what it could mean,
And I hope what I think is not true.
I was alone, and I was going somewhere,
It was so dark I soon lost my way.
I didn't know how I was supposed to get there,
But where I was it was scary, and I couldn't stay.
Then I saw children, standing in a line,
Their clothes made out of emerald stone.
And at the end was a son of mine,
Whom I had lost so long ago.
They were all holding bright lamps that glowed,
But my son's at the end did not.
Compared to the others he walked rather slow,
And over this I pondered a lot.
I approached my son and called to him,
“Where have you come after you left me? ”
For some reason his lamp seemed to grow more dim,
Making it even harder for us to see.
I said, “I've cried so much, every day new tears,
They have formed a very long chain.
My heartache grew over the past lonesome years,
And my tears have now become the rain.”
Then he turned to me, looked and said,
“You have not helped me through your pain.
You should learn to live without me instead,
Because in your tears I have nothing to gain.”
He held up his lamp, so lifeless and dull,
Saying wile he slowly turned from me…
Your tears have extinguished it, it's not bright at all,
because you wouldn't let things just be.

Spider & The Fly

One day the spider said to the fly,
“You always pass my house, but never come inside.

“Is my house too dirty for your feet?
Why don't you come inside and have a seat?

“You avoid strangers, don't worry I understand,
but I am a very dear friend, and have only good things planned.

“My house is suitable for a queen, isn't it?
And so there are stairs in front, if you ever wish to visit.”

“Mr. Spider, I'm too clever, ” was the answer of the fly.
“Go deceive someone else, but me, don't even try.

“Whoever climbs your stairs forever remains trapped,
Mr. Spider, I'm too smart, you should've thought of that! ”

Now the spider said, “You think my house is too plain for you to see?
I want you to be happy, but it's obvious you don't care about me.

“Why don't you come inside and rest your tired wings?
Inside I have kept for you many beautiful things.

“My house is made of mirrors, you'd have a lot of fun.
I have the most comfortable beds that aren't for just anyone.”

The fly answered, “All this is nice, but an offer from you will never take.
I know better than to sleep on your bed from which I would never awake.”

The spider was impressed by the cleverness of the fly,
“But how can I trap her? ” He thought, “how can I try?

“Flattery! ” He thought, “it's almost like a rule,
flatter can transform any clever thing into a fool.

“Oh respected lady! ” Said the spider, “please don't think I'd deceive you!
You are very smart, not to mention beautiful too.

Your head is decorated in jewels, and your eyes sparkle everyday.
You are gorgeous, intelligent and good. Just perfect in every way.”

As the spider continued to flatter her, the fly became more impressed.
“I have no need to fear you, ” she said, “I can get rid of my stress.

“Refusing someone's offer is not a good thing to do;
breaking someone's heart is terribly painful too.”

So with confidence the fly flew towards the spider,
As she landed on the sticky web the spider quickly caught her.

The foolishness of the fly cost her a great deal,
But the spider's hunger vanished, having eaten a delicious meal.

C h i l d's P r a y e r

My hopes and wishes come upon
My lips from inside my heart.
Oh Allah! My life should be
Like a lamp, never to go dark.

Let the darkness of the world
Disappear from my presence.
Let every place become bright
From my shining existence.

Just as the flower stands with others,
Improving the garden's beauty,
Let my life stand with knowledge
And dignify my community.

My life should be built around
Those who seek the light,
Just as the moth loves the glowing lamp
In the darkness of the night.

Oh Allah! Make me strive
Constantly to educate my mind,
With the light of knowledge
That you gave me the power to find.

I want to dedicate my life to those
Who are in need of special care.
The old, the young, the ill, the hungry,
I want to be fair.

Oh Allah! You gave us choices!
Protect us from sins,
Lead us to the path of righteousness,
Help us to do good things.

Allama Iqbal

A Great Poem by Dr. Allama Iqbal

President Pervez Musharraf receives Students from LUMS and NCA

In his latest appearance, President Musharraf receives students from LUMS Lahore and NCA Rawalpindi. Here, one of the students, Amyn A. Ghulamali, says the President was gracious and upbeat. He answered questions about his government but did not blame others where responsibility was his own. According to this student, Mr. Musharraf left his latest visitors with the impression of ‘a simple God fearing patriotic Pakistani.’
The Students were invited to the Army House on Saturday to have a one-on-one discussion with the Ex-President Pervez Musharraf.

President Pervez Musharraf coming back in Politics

President Pervez Musharraf has decided to jump into full time politics but not until he moves into his new home at Chak Shahzad as he does not want to misuse the Army House.
“I don’t want to make the Army House a hub of political activities because of its unique nature, but my political headquarter will be my personal residence once I shift there,” Musharraf has told his visitors

Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal named as the second most efficient mayor in the world by Foreign Policy magazine

President Pervez Musharraf has congratulated MQM chief Altaf Hussain on Karachi Nazim Syed Mustafa Kamal for being named as the second most efficient mayor in the world by Foreign Policy magazine . Speaking to Altaf Hussain here on telephone, Musharraf said that Mustafa Kamal did a great job for the development of Karachi. The president said it was an honor for the whole country. Musharraf praised Karachi Nazim and Sindh Governor for their hard work, commitment and proper coordination on several development projects. MQM chief thanked former president for his support to the city government and other local bodies organizations during his presidency.

Gen. Pervez Musharraf to Deliver Lectures

President Pervez Musharraf has said that he has accepted an offer to deliver lecture at the Oxford University. He would be visiting the university in December or January. He also said that he was offered lectureships from various universities of Europe and America. I have not really taken a decision, except for Oxford University, where I will be lecturing in the last week of December or the first week of January 2009, the Daily Times quoted him as saying.

Gen.Pervez Musharraf to speak to the World Affairs Council

Gen.Pervez Musharraf to speak to the World Affairs
Pervez Musharraf, the former president of Pakistan, will speak to the World Affairs Council of Western Michigan at its annual dinner Jan. 14.
Dixie Anderson, the council’s executive director, said she is excited to host a speaker who was a key power figure in one of the most critical regions in the world.
"We have been working on this for several months," Anderson said.
"Pakistan and that part of the world is one of the most critical areas in the world."

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