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pakistani students shine in cambridge

Pakistani students shine at Cambridge competition

- *Shaheer Shahid*
- *Maaz Ahmed*
- *Rayyan Aziz Ansari*

Pakistani students made their country proud after they won laurels at an
international competition designed to inspire imagination.

The competition was organised by the University of Cambridge International
Examinations (CIE).

Pakistan is the only country which had winning students in every prize
category – essay writing, photography and short film making – in a
competition that tested the creative ability of more than 450 Cambridge
students from around the world.

The Cambridge competition asked students to write an essay in English, make
a short film, or take photographs which show an aspect of their school life.

According to the Cambridge International Examinations office in Islamabad,
there were three winners in the Short Film category, including Shaheer
Shahid, from Pakistan's Roots Montessori High School. His film, Life in
Roots, was shot on the day of school elections.

Maaz Ahmed, from The Fahims Schools System A-level, Karachi, won a prize in
the Photography category. His photos had a strong visual impact, in
particular a stunning image of a student flying a kite.

Rayyan Aziz Ansari, from Beaconhouse School, was a winner in the writing
category. Students were asked to write a short article on 'The best thing I
learned this year."

Rayyan concluded his reflections with the comment: 'I have learned that hard
work has no substitute, anyone who thinks differently is in for a rude


Madam Noor Jehan's name evokes countless articles, books, discussions but
strangely anecdotes and analysis don't reveal the real person. Some praise
her without knowing much about her while others vilify her on hearsay. Most
know of her seven decades of theatrics both on reel and in real life without
realising the struggle, dedication, perseverance and sacrifices she made to
get there. From a miserly past of poverty and ill-fame, she conquered the
subcontinent and rose to glory, wealth and undying stardom.
Fame-literate feminist, progressive, liberal, an iconoclast and not just a
singer, Noor Jehan was the last century's bona fide icon. Defying the '40s
specified norms, she broke every rule and not only stood up for herself as
emotionally self-reliant but made her personality such that people pined for
more of her. Affable in a coterie of silver screen actresses where all the
women were tarred with the same brush, Noor Jehan's witty retorts,
calculated intimacy, self-deprecating manner combined with the immense
self-confidence of a woman who had seen and experienced everything made her
flagrantly eclectic *In the early days before song-recording became
available, singers had to accompany actors on location and sing from behind
the camera. Later, when recording techniques became available, singers had
to start all over again if a musician made a mistake. Throughout the '40s
Noor Jehan continued making films and playback singing. Awaz De Kahan Hai,
1946 super-hit song from Anmol Ghari became synonymous with Noor Jehan. In
1959 Nigar Awards introduced the best singer category and the first award
went to Noor Jehan for the film Koel's Dil Ka Diya Jalaya composed by the
genius Khursheed Anwar and written by Tanveer Naqvi. She won again in 1967,
'69, '71, '90 and '91.*

Rehan (r) was also nominated by the International Hockey Federation (FIH) along with Jong Ho Seo of South Korea in the World All-Star hockey team.

Rehan (r) was also nominated by the International Hockey Federation (FIH)
along with Jong Ho Seo of South Korea in the World All-Star hockey team.
Dec 20: Pakistan's leading forward Rehan Butt was declared the 'Best Asian
Player' by the Asian Hockey Federation in Malaysia on Saturday.

Speaking to Dawn,Rehan said: 'It is an honour for me to be selected as one
of the best Rehan Butt ... an honour for Pakistan.' Rehan has represented
Pakistan in 80 international matches and was named player of the Asian
tournament twice during his stint with the national squad. Regarding his
selection as the best Asian player he remarked, 'It was my individual
performance marked by the Asian hockey managers in World Cup, Champions
Trophy and the Olympics.' Rehan was also nominated by the International
Hockey Federation (FIH) along with Jong Ho Seo of South Korea in the World
All-Star hockey team. Rehan said: 'Currently I am playing with Learn
Hockey Club in The Netherlands on a contract of 20,000 Euros for six
months.' Learn hockey club, was ranked at No 11 the second lowest among 12
hockey clubs. The club, he pointed out now ranks sixth after some top
players from Asia and Europe joined them. 'I am currently the top scorer of
the club with nine goals,' he said. About his future commitments Rehan
pointed out: 'I will be featuring in the Dutch League from February to May
next year and will be available for the Asia Cup and other major
international events.' The Asia Cup is scheduled to be held next year in
Dubai. 'I am willing,' he said, 'to play for Pakistan but the top Pakistan
Hockey Federation bosses had mentioned that they only need senior players in
important international fixtures.' He added: 'I will not be playing in the
upcoming four nation hockey tournament as the priority of the federation is
to give a chance to junior players.'

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