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Samina Khayal Baig

Eighteen-year old Samina Khayal Baig recently pioneered a first ascent of Chashkin Sar (6,400m) in Shimshal, a remote valley in Pakistan's Hunza region. A trailblazer for Pakistani female climbers, Samina talks with ExWeb's Amanda Padoan about how she got started and why K2 is her ultimate goal.ExWeb: Of all the unclimbed peaks in the region, why did you choose Chashkin Sar?Samina: Chashkin Sar has been my favorite peak since childhood.

Pakistan is home to five of the world's 8,000-meter peaks (there are 14 in all) and looms large in climbing history. Despite this, no Pakistani woman has ever ascended a major peak in her home country. Cultural beliefs and economic realities mean that for Pakistani girls, mountain climbing has been reserved for boys—until now. In August, Samina "Khayal" Baig, an 18-year-old Pakistani girl, ascended a previously unclimbed 6,400-meter mountain in the Hunza-Glingit region of Pakistan. Samina was accompanied by a team that included her brother, Mirza Ali, and a Romanian documentary filmmaker, Stelian Pavalache. A documentary about the ascent is forthcoming.

amina's expedition was a project of Pakistan Youth Outreach, which promotes mountaineering and women adventurers. A major goal of the group is to have a Pakistani woman climb Mt. Everest. Two other organizations that do great work in Pakistan are the Central Asia Institute, which educates children (especially girls) in impoverished areas; and Mercy Corps, which is on the ground now in Pakistan helping with flood relief efforts.

Karakoram spires are setting the scene for young guns to show their true colors. In this case, news is even better as it is a local female rising star which has bagged her first ascent. At only 18, Samina Khayal (Officially Samina Baig) summited the previously unclimbed Chashkin Sar (6,400m) in Shimshal, in the Hunza-Giligit region.
Along her Brother Mirza Ali (Leader), Stelian Pavalache ( Film Maker and Photographer – Romania ), Tafat Shah, Yahya Baig, Salamat Khan and Arshad Karim.
Samina Khayal is dweller of Shimshal village, land of peerless mountaineers and well known HP's.

The project concept was made by Mirza Ali, founding President of Pakistan Youth Outreach, a youth mountaineering education, awareness and women adventure promotion program.
The project main objective was to make a documentary to promote women adventure in Pakistan, for that reason, Pakistan Youth Outreach and Satwa Guna Illusion of Forms Project (Stelian Pavalache), made a joint venture, to make the documentary about Shimshali people and first Pakistani girl to climb a 6400m, unclimbed peak in the shimshal karakorum.The peak has been renamed Samina Peak.

K 2 PAKISTAN( 2nd highest peak )

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K2 peak, locally known by the name of "Chogo Ri", which means "The Great Mountain", 8,611m, is the 2nd highest mountain in the world. K2 is placed on the Pakistan - China border in the mighty Karakoram range.

With no simple routes, K2 is known as the finest and most dangerous mountain in the world. This is because of the massiveness in the size of this mountain and the numerous unsuccessful attempts made on it by various expeditions, which include mostly American expeditions.

K2 is a rocky mountain up to 6,000m, beyond which it becomes an ocean of snow. The traditional route to K2's base camp goes from Skardu, which is linked with Islamabad by a good road. From Skardu the route goes via Shigar-Dassu-Askole up to Concordia over the Baltoro glacier.

K2 was firstly discovered and measured by the Survey of India in 1856, and first named for English topographer Henry Godwin - Austen, who explored and surveyed the region.

K2 is taken from the first letter of Karakorum, and the number indicates that it was the second peak in the range to be measured. K2 was firstly climbed on July,31 1954 by Italian climbers team lead by Ardito Desio and accompanying him were Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni. A March 1987 measurement of K2 indicated that it might be higher than Everest, but later that year, Everest was re-measured by a similar method and found to indeed be 778 ft (237m) taller.

Another American attempt on the K2 was made in 1953. The expedition leader was Dr. Charles Houston, who had also led the 1938 American expedition on this peak. Dr. Houston, medical professor, is noted for his contribution to research on the effects of high altitude on human body and diseases originating from such effects. One Pakistani, late Colonel M. Ataullah, Vice President, Karakoram Club of Pakistan, accompanied the party.

In 1954, an Italian expedition came to Pakistan to try its luck on K2.Colonel M. Ataullah and Arshad Munir accompanied the expedition from Karakoram Club of Pakistan.

Pakistan: Shimshal Mountaineering School ladies ready for the Karakoram winter: First Pakistani women expedition underway

Highly motivated after topping-out Chaskin Sar this past summer, Pakistani 18-year-old female climber Samina Baig is ready to face the winterly Karakoram. The goal is Mingligh Sar (6,050m). Samina will team up again with her brother Mirza Ali, former army climber Yausaf Khan, K2 climber Ali Musa and fellow female American member, Jennifer Rawlins. Off next weekThe team will set off from their home village in Shimshal Valley on December 1. They will establish Base Camp at Shujrave at about...

S #MountainHeightRangeGroupDistrict
2Nanga Parbat8,125HimalayasDiamerDiamer
3Gasherbrum No. I/Hidden Peak8,068KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
4Falchan Kangri / Broad Peak8,047KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
5Gasherbrum No. II8,035KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
6Broad Peak Middle/Central8,016KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
7Gasherbrum No. III7,952KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
8Gasherbrum No.lV7,925KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
9Distaghil Sar Main7,885KarakoramHisparGilgit
10Kunyang Chhish/Main7,852KarakoramHisparGilgit
11Masherbrum NE/ (K-1)7,821KarakoramBagrotGilgit
14Batura No. I7,785KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
15Batura II7,762KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
16Distaghil Sar No. II7,760KarakoramHisparGilgit
17Kanjut Sar No. I7,760KarakoramHisparGilgit
18Masherbrum W7,750KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
19Saltoro Kangri No. I7,742KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
20Batura No. II7,730KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
21Batura III7,729KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
22Trivor / Peak No. 87,720KarakoramHisparGilgit
23Tirich Mir (Main)7,708HindukushHindukushChitral
24Saltoro Kangri II7,706KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
25Chhaltoro Gang R1 N7,705KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
26Distaghil Sar (E)7,700KarakoramHisparGilgit
27Tirich Mir (East)7,692HindukushHindukushChitral
28Saser Kangri I7,672KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
29Chogolisa No. I SW/E7,665KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
30Chogolisa No. II/NE7,654KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
31Yukshin Garden Sar7,641KarakoramHisparGilgit
32Kunyang Chhich(S)7,620KarakoramHisparGilgit
33Shispare7,611KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
34Batura IV7,594KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
35Broad Peak (N)7,550KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
36Skyang Kangri No.I7,544KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
37Batura V7,531KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
38Yakshin Gardaan No. I7,530KarakoramHisparGilgit
39Mamostong Kangri7,516KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
40Saser Kangri E7,513KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
41Tirich Mir (West II)7,500HindukushHindukushChitral
42Skyang Kangri No. II7,500KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
43Kunyang Chhish (W)7,500KarakoramHisparGilgit
44Saser Kangri II W7,500KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
45Saser kangri III7,495KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
46Pumari Chhish (W)7,492KarakoramHisparGilgit
47Tirich Mir (West I)7,487HindukushHindukushChitral
48Pasu Massive M7,478KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
50Teram kangri 17,463KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
51Malubiting (W)_7,453KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
52Muchu Chhish7,453KarakoramHisparGilgit
53Pumari Chhish (N)7,440KarakoramHisparGilgit
54Yazghil Dome (S)7,440KarakoramHisparGilgit
55Sia Kangri No I / N7,422KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
56Haramosh No. I7,409KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
57Teram Kangri II7,406KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
58Istro-Nal (Main)7,403HindukushHindukushChitral
59Tirich Mir (West III)7,400HindukushHindukushChitral
60Kunyang Chhish (E)7,400KarakoramHisparGilgit
61Pumari Chhish (S)7,400KarakoramHisparGilgit
62Yazghil Dome (N)7,400KarakoramHisparGilgit
63Ultar No. I7,388KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
64Rimo (S) No. I Peak 517,385KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
65Teram Kangri III7,382KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
66Sherpi Kangri I Main7,380KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
67Istro-Nal (North I)7,373HindukushHindukushChitral
68Rimo (S) No. II P-507,373KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
69Istro-Nal (North II)7,372HindukushHindukushChitral
70Sherpi Kangri No. II7,370KarakoramSoltoroGaunche
71Istro-Nal (North III)7,365HindukushHindukushChitral
72Skil Brum7,360KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
73Skyang Kangri M7,357KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
74Karun Kuh7,350KarakoramHisparGilgit
75Kunyang Chhish W7,350KarakoramHisparGilgit
76Pumari Chhish S7,350KarakoramHisparGilgit
77Saragharar (Main)7,349HindukushHindukushChitral
78Skyang Kangri W7,345KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
79Momhil Sar / Peak - 77,343KarakoramHisparGilgit
80Ghent (N)7,342KarakoramBatura MuztaghGilgit
81Saraghrar (Central)7,330HindukushHindukushChitral
82Yutmaru Sar (S)7,330KarakoramHisparGilgit
83Bojohagur Duanasir7,329KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
84Sia Kangri No II/E7,325KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
85Yazghil Domes S7,324KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
86Gasherbrum No. V7,321KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
87Kunyang Chhish (SE)7,320KarakoramHisparGilgit
89Baltoro Kangri No. I7,312KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
90Ultar No. II7,310KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
91Saragharar (S)7,307HindukushHindukushChitral
92Istro-Nal (South)7,303HindukushHindukushChitral
93Saraghrar (NW)7,300HindukushHindukushChitral
94Istro-Nal (West I)7,300HindukushHindukushChitral
95Urdok No. I7,300KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
96Baltoro Kangri No. III7,300KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
97Malubiting (NW)7,300KarakoramHaramoshGilgitt
98Yazghil Domes N7,300KarakoramHisparGilgit
99Sherpi Kangri No. III7,300KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
100Teram kangri IV7,300KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
101Malubiting Central7,291KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
102Rakapohsi (E)7,290KarakoramBagrotGilgit
103Savoia Kangri7,286KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
104Baintha Brakk/Ogre7,285KarakoramPanmahSkardu
105Passu/Peak No. 557,284KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
106Pasu Massiv E7,284KarakoramBatura MuztaghGilgit
107K-67,282KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
108Istro-Nal (West II)7,280HindukushHindukushChitral
109Baltoro Kangri No. III7,280KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
110Istro-Nal (Northwest)7,276HindukushHindukushChitral
111Golden Throne SE7,275KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
112Golden Throne NW7,274KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
113Diran /Minapin7,273KarakoramBagrotGilgit
114Mustagh Tower (E)7,273KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
115Sia Kangri No. IV/Central7,273KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
116Mustagh Tower (W)7,270KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
117Golden Throne NE7,270KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
118Golden Throne SE7,265KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
120Baltoro kangri No. V7,260KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
121Baltoro Kangri No. IV7,254KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
122Saraghrar (SW-I)7,250HindukushHindukushChitral
123Apsarasas-17,245KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
124Apsarasas II7,239KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
125Apsarasas III E7,236KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
126Rimo No. II P-497,233KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
127Apsarasas IV7,227KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
128Saraghrar (SE-I)7,208HindukushHindukushChitral
129Mt. Rose/Singhi Kan7,202KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
130Saraghrar (SW-II)7,200HindukushHindukushChitral
131Istro-Nal (X)7,200HindukushHindukushChitral
132Urdok Kangri I7,200KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
133Malubiting LC7,200KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
134Bularang Sar7,200KarakoramHisparGilgit
135Lupghar Sar (E)7,200KarakoramHisparGilgit
136Lugpahur Sar MD7,200KarakoramHisparGilgit
137Apsarasas V7,187KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
138Apsarasas III E7,184KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
139Apsarasas III W7,181KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
140Mustagh Tower (NW)7,180KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
141Rimo No. III7,169KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
142Kampir Dior7,168KarakoramBatura MuztaghGilgit
143Karun Koh7,164KarakoramKhunjerabGilgit
144Hachindar Chish7,163KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
145Yermanenbu Kangri7,163KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
146Un-Named/Masherbrum7,163KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
148Depak7,150KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
149Latok No. I7,145KarakoramPanmahSkardu
150Kampir Dior7,143KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
151Gasherbrum V7,133KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
153Apsarasas (S)7,117KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
154Koh-I-Nadir Shah7,116HindukushHindukushChitral
155Udren Zom (N)7,108HindukushHindukushChitral
156Kunyang Chhish (N)7,108KarakoramHisparGilgit
157Langar (Main)7,100HindukushHindukushChitral
158Saraghrar (SS)7,100HindukushHindukushChitral
159Ghenta7,100KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
160Sia shish7,100KarakoramBatura MustaghGilgit
161Lupghar II / Central7,100KarakoramHisparGilgit
162Yakshin Gardaan No. I7,100KarakoramHisparGilgit
163Sherpi Kangri7,100KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
164Ghenta7,090KarakoramBatura MuztaghGilgit
165Urdok No. II7,082KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
166Mandu Pk7,081KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
167Udren Zom (Central)7,080HindukushHindukushChitral
168Chogolisa Kangri I7,071KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
169Langar (SE)7,061HindukushHindukushChitral
171Udren Zom (S)7,050HindukushHindukushChitral
172Link Sar7,041KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
173Saraghrar (N)7,040HindukushHindukushChitral
174Spantik/Ghenish Chish7,027KarakoramHaramoshSkardu
175Akber Chioh/Akher7,020HindukushHindukushChitral
176Chogolisa Kangri II7,014KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
177Rakaposhi (E)7,010KarakoramBagrotGilgit
178Malubiting (E)7,010KarakoramHaramoshGilgit
179Gasherbrum No. VI7,004KarakoramBoltoroSkardu
180Sangemer Mar7,000KarakoramBatura MuztaghGilgit
182Lupghar Sar III (E)7,000KarakoramHisparGilgit
183Chogolisa(W)/Prupoo7,000KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
184Ghent III7,000KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
185Kaberi Peak7,000KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche
186Apsarasas(E)/Un-Named7,000KarakoramSiachen (disputed)Gaunche

The Ultimate Adventure Club is a young group of adventure enthusiasts that is determinedly trying to establish and promote the sport in Islamabad and across Pakistan. It is our long-term aim to popularize adventure sport which includes Rock Climbing, Trekking, Hiking, Paragliding, Mountaineering, Ice Climbing not only as a worthwhile hobby but also as a mainstream sport. Judging from the enthusiasm evident in the encouraging number of fresh faces at the rocks of Margalla Hills Islamabad each week, we have reason to believe that the club can expand to a nationwide scale.

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