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Pakistani students developed promising projects

Pakistani students developed promising projects

KARACHI: The students of Biomedical Engineering Department of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology developed some remarkable projects with commercial potentials. Students from the 2006-2010 batch developed the projects which included a head-controlled wheelchair, hypo-hyperthermia machine, voice operated wheelchair, and an incubator.

he projects were completed under the supervision of Ijlal Shahrukh Ateeq, Kamran Hameed and Syed M. Omair.
Voice Controlled Wheel Chair
The voice controlling electronic wheel chair was developed by Faria, Faizan, Shakil, Shamira Shafique, Syed Taha and Umair.
The electronic wheel chair can be controlled by voice, infrared or manually by a joystick. However, voice control is the main purpose to build the electronic wheel chair and HM2007, voice controlling integrated circuit is used to voice related operations.
The motor in the chair moves with respect to the input and bandwidth of the recognised voice. Infrared communications can also be used for patients suffering from paralysis through an infrared transmitter.
Hypo Hyperthermia Machine
This is also an important project of Sir Syed University developed by Taimoor, Hira, Arsala, Rimsha, Saad and Moiz.
The machine does a very important job for many patients – it retains body temperature – before, during and after an operation.
Temperature of a healthy body is 98.5 degrees Fahrenheit on average and extreme variations in the body temperature are called "Hypo/Hyperthermia", which call for urgent attention.
Human interface and control systems are the two major parts of the project. Human interface consists of a blanket to retain the body temperature of a patient while control system controls the heating and cooling process.
Hot or cold distilled water flows between pathways in a blanket like pad and the control system controls the temperature. Thus, providing instant and accurate temperature to patients in either condition.
Hyper/Hypothermia machines are generally present in operation theatres especially during brain and heart surgeries. Its modified shapes are being used in hydrotherapy and heating beds.
Head movement controlled wheelchair
Husnain, Atif, Shuja, Zaid, Faisal and Ali Khan developed a head movement controlled wheel chair. Handicapped people and patients with spinal cord injuries can move easily and freely with the help of this chair.
A REDD sensors based head gear registers the head gestures and moves in left, right or forward directions in effective manner. Then, the control circuit processes the signals and passes them on to the relay circuit which flips the polarity of the motor to move it in a clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. The final output comes as smooth movement of the wheel chair in desired direction.

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