Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Drone attacks to continue: Gates: ‘Decision conveyed to Islamabad’!!!!! gifts for GREAT PPP PEOPLE OF PAKISTAN FROM PPP

America never dared to do that during the Musharraf's rule.........
after somedays american troops will come and make another Iraq or Gaza in Pakistan ..."great PPP POOR PAKISTANIS"  ..Now this what we call zardari's Pakistan.....LOW IQ PPP PAKISTANIS(FOR THOSE WHO LOVE PPP)

S Defence Secretary Robert Gates said on Tuesday that the United States would continue drone strikes at suspected terrorist targets inside Fata and has conveyed its decision to the government of Pakistan.

Mr Gates told a US Senate panel that the Pentagon could send two more brigades to Afghanistan by late spring and a third by late summer. A US Army combat brigade typically comprises about 3,500 soldiers.

Mr Gates, who also served in the Bush administration as defence secretary, said that fighting Al Qaeda in its refuge inside Pakistan along the border with Afghanistan was an important objective also of the Obama administration.

The issue of US drone attacks in Fata was raised by the chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee Carl Levin, who recalled that last week the Pakistan Foreign Ministry had issued a statement calling US missile strikes on Pakistani territory counter-productive and requested that they be discontinued.

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